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Regarding the recent post "The Desert of my Dysfunction"

As I am prone to do, I published a blog called "The Desert of my Dysfunction" that was vulnerable, raw and honest. It contained pointed graphic content and frank language. It was published with mixed reviews. Some were highly encouraged, while others were contemplatively concerned. I was asked quite humbly to take down the blog. The person gave me a thorough explanation of their concerns and shared their heart on the matter. I removed the blog from public view, but made the blog password-protected, because I know it's a message for hurting men. I know that I heard from the Holy Spirit to write the blog in the the way that I did. But it is never my intention to insult or offend or profane the name or mission of Jesus Christ. I have removed the blog from public viewing, but if you would like to read it please message me on Facebook or on here and I will send you the link and the password. A friend of mine from focus on the family had this to say about the blog- "Matthew - hear me and hear me well - it (the blog) was anointed and raw. Everyone in the church needs to read it. It was a view into the hearts of those of us that found our place in the arms of men that were willing to give as we saw fit!!!! It brought me to tears and I LOVED it - are you ok if I share it with people I think will get it?" I respect those who asked me to remove the blog as my spiritual covering and leaders. But I also know that this is a message that needs to be shared in the church on a nationwide basis. I am considering how I might appease those who cover me while still walking the path I know God has called me to. God bless!

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The Desert of my Dysfunction