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Joy Thinks I'm Crazy

Joy Thinks I'm Crazy

Well...Here goes everything. I want to share some exciting news and some great testimony of my God with you all. I along with Vice President celebrate my "mental illness" as Joy Behar refers to it. I talk to Jesus and He talks back. It's awesome.

A few months ago, the Lord started marinating a thought through my brain. Over the next few months I watched God slowly, and steadily bring that thought to reality. What was the thought you ask? Well, the thought that is now becoming a reality is simply this.

It is time for me to sell my house. Yep. You read that correctly. I have watched God solidify this course of action over the last few months. But the glory and amazement of it all is the way that God has been slowly walking me through LETTING GO.

First I was called to let go of the house. When I agreed, not more than five minutes later, my neighbor came over and asked if I had a Frigidaire Refrigerator for sale. I said, I'm not sure what brand the one in my garage was, but I would check. Wouldn't you know it was a Frigidaire. I sold a fridge that wasn't for sale, for $120. But I had to let go.

Many people have asked where will you go. I tell them I haven't heard that part yet, but I am not worried.

I have watched God gift me a $25,000 roof. I have watched him sell my truck for more than it was worth to provide me a car with the excess, but I had to LET GO.

My Christmas decorations were the last bastion of hope, fun and goodness that I had.  I was bound and determined to figure out how to keep them and move them, regardless of where I moved.  Over the last few days, I have decided that when it comes to my Christmas stuff. I was ready, finally to...say it with me. LET GO!

Not more than 20 minutes later a friend of mine stopped by and said that he had taken the two, artificial Christmas trees that I had placed out by the curb. It was at that moment, that I felt led to give him much of the rest of the Christmas stuff I had left. For those of you who know me and saw my house this year, you know how hard that is for me.

I do not know what God has in store, but I do know that He has never let me down. Whether it is something grand or something bland that God holds for my future, I do not care my friends.

So many years ago, I handed my sexuality over to God, then eventually my newly purchased house, my amazing Toyota Tacoma and ultimately my finances and my future.

What I am doing is not practical. It doesn't make sense in the natural world, but I serve a supernatural God, who catches me when He asks me to LET GO.

I will keep you posted about the house, where I am going and what the future holds. For now, I just wanted to share the constantly unfolding testimony of what happens when you LET GO and Let God work.

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Wake Up & Smell the Surrender

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