What up Heifers?

 Jesus Loves you!

Big Fish(ing) Expeditions

More men of Big Fish Ministries I have a house full of godly people this week.  Everyone here loves God and has experienced his love in some form or fashion.  Satan was out to destroy any and all fellowship tonight.  He was here with stubbornness, idolatry, pride, fear, anger, bitterness, lust, etc.  I went out on my front lawn and prayed in my Holy Spirit Prayer Language, casting out all manner of evil forces.  And when the smoke of the spiritual, prayer battle cleared, I still had to walk back inside my house and have "the talks".  Satan had brother against brother.  Satan had mentor against student.  Enough about him.  God showed up tonight at Big Fish Ministries.  Thank you Jesus for your love for each and every man and woman in this house.  THANK YOU Holy Spirit.  I felt the presence of God overwhelm me and consume the fire of the enemy descending upon this house.  I praise you God, because we are about your work.  We are about seeing gay men and women leave their bondage behind and cling to the truth of Jesus Christ.  Lord we ask your blessing on the men and women who read these words.  Let them know that they can take authority over their own homes and hearts.  Father lead your people in the path that you have created for them.  Father God, thank you for watching over us.  Lead people to us.  Bless the people that have been here.  Father I submit and surrender to you every aspect of this house.  May those who stand against it, be brought to ruin.

Holy Spirit wander the gay community and restore the lives of those men and women who are lost.  Not because they are gay, but because they have been forgotten, ostracized, bullied, made fun of, fired, rebuked by stupid men, abused, left out, teased, shot, hurt, beaten, battered, cursed and shamed.  Father I pray that every gay Christian  would see the light of your grace, salvation, peace and truth.  Father reveal, reveal, reveal.  Cleanse their hearts and bind up the enemy's hand when it comes to suicide.  We claim the lives for young gay men and women for the kingdom of Christ tonight Father.  Lord, let every word of scripture that these young people and old people have ever heard THRIVE tonight.  I pray for revival in the gay community.  I pray for key and essential leaders of the gay agenda to succumb to the power of the Holy Spirit.  Lord lead them to know that you love them.

Let the talents and abilities of Hollywood and gay men and women everywhere be used for your glory.  I pray that you DAD would break the neck of every demon that has his hand around your gay sons and daughters tonight.  Don't give them my story Lord.  GIVE THEM YOURS!  Write your name on the fabric of their hearts.  Father let them forgive the churches, christians and parents and return to their first love.  Father anoint these men and women for your service.  Lord, let them be welcomed back into your presence and into good bible believing churches that will love them.

Jesus.  You Rock.  You do.  Thank you.  We deserve none of your anything, but you gave us your everything.

Holy Spirit we ask that you change hearts and minds tonight and every day after as the men and women of Southeast Asia read this.  Lord flood the hearts of people in Cambodia with the truth of your gospel.  Lord I ask that you continue to reach the men of Kazakhstan with your grace.  Reveal the word to Iran and Iraq through your power.   Holy Spirit, where there is no hope for those trapped in homosexuality and no words of truth and love, speak out of nothing into the hearts of the people in bondage.

Flood the Earth with Holy Spirit Power as it was once immersed and thoroughly drenched with water.  Let the New Flood cleanse from sin and save a race doomed to die outside your loving and holy presence.

We welcome you!

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