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Hope: Word of the Year

From my devotions: Genesis 18:14a "Is anything too hard for the Lord?...". God remarked this, when referencing the fact that Abraham's wife, Sarah, laughed when God told Abraham that Sarah would give birth. Sarah stood in disbelief of God's words and His promise. Sarah's beliefs were rooted in her experiences and disappointment. How guilty are we of that today my friends? God can't deliver me from this or that. "I'm stuck. I'm hopeless. I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing. At least it feels good and masks my daily disappointment." How different would your day be; if you dared to hope? To believe? To trust?. To do more than let your circumstance determine your level of faith. 16 years ago, I dared to believe I could live a life independent of homosexual brokenness and I took that first, trepidatious out of the darkness of my broken life and into the light of Jesus Christ. Friends and fellow broken people, I dare you to hope again. Don't just give God a try. Give Him your life. Is there really anything that is too hard for the Lord?

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Ballot

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Ballot

A guy screamed at me at Starbuck's