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Name Changer

Name Changer

I have been contemplating a complete name change for this blog for awhile.  The old name, "Unicorns, Alien, and Bigfoot - my post gay life", satisfied my need to be quirky and original, if even a tad bit snarky, but it left most people scratchin' their heads.  The name, though descriptive, needed...something.  Thus began a long process of contemplation.  I texted my friend Rochelle.  "Should I morph the old name with the new name?" "Should I give people time to acclimate to change?"  "Or should I just simply change the name and be done with it?"  Rochelle contemplated for about three seconds and texted back, "Rip off the Band-aid!" A huge thank you to the readers that have stuck around for the last 4 years.  Here is hoping that more people join our ranks as we head out into the world under our new name.  I started this blog at the behest of the Holy Spirit.  He told me to write a blog from the perspective of a low-down, dirty Christian struggling well to serve Jesus while living on earth.  Like many LGBTQ'ers, I grew up believing that I was born gay.   At 17 I started college.  I stopped attending church and began to seek out gay people who might help to sort out the confusion in my head.  For the next 10 years I cultivated every aspect of my gay life, ever wrestling with the idea this wasn't how God intended for me to live.   It's been almost 18 years since I walked away from my gay life.   I don't walk with God so that I won't be tempted to be gay.  I walk with God so that my creator can show me more and more each day who I was created to be.

The inception of this blog was about God calling me to live a Revelation 12:11 and Mark 16:15 kind of life out loud.  Revelation 12:11 says that we overcome by blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.  Mark 16:15 says go into all the world and preach the gospel.  God was challenging me to use my gift of writing to share my story of healing from sexual brokenness.  He was also giving me the freedom to share my trials and triumphs openly.   No one else was sharing this kind of information with such honesty.  So honestly that it simultaneously offended both Christians and the LGBTQ community.

There are times when I feel like a lone soldier, set adrift on the battlefield.  I occupy a crazy niche between the church and the LGBTQ community.  Both are shocked by what I say and neither actively welcome my presence.

Who am I?  I am not a gay man.  I am not a "Christian" as the world understands Christians.  I am, a disciple of Jesus.

I have a heart for sparking compassion in the church for the gay community.  I have a heart to lead the lost to Jesus.  If the lost happen to be LGBTQ folks, then that's s a bonus.  I don't a get a toaster in heaven when LGBTQ peeps say yes to God, but it warms my heart, because I have shared their lives, wrestled with their struggles, felt their brokenness and suffered their alienation.  The LGBTQ community welcomed my brokenness long before the church could cope with my unmasked face.  They are as loved by God as the next person.

The goal in changing the name of the blog isn't some weird publicity stunt bent on boosting waning interest.  It is part of a greater effort to reach a greater audience and more adequately represent the content and the direction of ministry.  God has gifted me with wisdom gleaned from the hurt and pain of walking through 27 years of sexual brokenness.  It's a treasure meant to be shared.  satan spent 27 years trying to keep me down.  Jesus spent his lifetime so that I might stand.  Whether you are just joining in or starting year number 5, I invite you to Take a walk With Me and share my journey around the Son.


The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

If you won't.  I will

If you won't. I will