What up Heifers?

 Jesus Loves you!

Do You Love Me?

Do you love me?                                                        

Enough to give up your will and choose mine?

To walk with me

Every single moment

Of every single day

Do you love me?

Does the fact that I know your every thought and still cherish you mean something to you?

Does the fact that I have

                        felt your pain

                                    and endured greater struggles,

make you love me even more? 

Do you love me on the days when you wake up

and fear courses through your veins like the blood that ran down my brow on the cross? 

Do you love me?

Enough to stand watch as I kneel in the garden to pray

Do you love me?

Though you don't understand my methods or my ways

I hope so

No matter how many lashes came to greet my body that fateful night

I saw your shining face

I saw the whip in the hand of the woman whose life I would gladly save

I saw the fear tempered with anger on the face of the last man to drive the stake through my wrist

I felt

            the tears behind the emotion

                        the despair behind the guilt

I felt them all

            Bore them all

                        Became them for a season

I would do it all again

So I ask you now

Not out of necessity

But out of sheer desire

Do you love me?

Do you love me enough to share the pain masked by the problems of this world?

Do you love me enough to lay aside your emotional weapons and walk toward me?

I long for nothing more than to hold you in my arms whether you love me or not

To share with you my plan for your life

                        Heal your wounds

                                    Right the wrongs

Do you love me?

Are the scars in your life there because of your efforts to sustain them?

My scars are proof of nothing more than the fact that I love you. 

I was there when you sought comfort in the arms of another man

I held you both as you marinated in the duality of pain

I walked along with you

I called your name

It was my eyes you searched for

as you frantically scanned the crowd that night

When I met your gaze you quickly looked away

It was my hand that held you when you sobbed inner tears so great

that to birth them would have brought about unparalleled insanity. 

I lifted you up when you had trouble seeing over the clouds

I made it possible that your every wish

Every desire could be fulfilled

One night

As I made the decision to give up my will

Combat the fear welling up inside me

With great tears of blood falling from my eyes

I gave up my own desires in this world

My very life was laid before you

Giving you the opportunity to live your life 

So I ask you

With great anticipation

And a heart that rejoices each time a lost soul calls my name from the darkness

Do you love me? 


The Auto Pilot Kid

Thank You God That I Have a New Roof Over My Head