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Satan Attacks Gender and Marriage. Film at Eleven

I am not one to don the mask of 'Everything is JUST Fine,' as many in the church world do today. These last few months of ministry have been a real struggle.  Finances are consistently tight.  As God shapes and molds my character, the stretching heralds the beginning of a new season.  I must continually remind myself that no matter how far the world slips away from Jesus, I made a commitment many years ago to be led by scripture and not by my feelings or my homosexual desires.  As a rule, I keep an ear to the ground of the gay political scene.  Recently, I saw an interesting quote from a gay activist. The quote was in response Kim Davis' incarceration.  It read simply, "Don't they know that WE have redefined marriage."  To some that may sound progressive and past due.  To others, this may signal the coming Apocalypse.  To me it demonstrates another example of our spiritual ignorance of God's ways.  Man can redefine and has redefined just about every spiritual principle set forth in the bible.  That doesn't mean that God has changed His mind.  It simply means that us broken humans are getting better at disguising our sin with fancy rhetoric and political correctness.  Man may have redefined marriage, but God hasn't and never will.  Marriage was set forth by God way back in Genesis as the model of marriage relationships which are between a man and a woman.  When God saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone, He created Eve as a complement to Adam.  That was God's original design and throughout scripture He never saw fit to redefine the marriage covenant, because it was His perfect design.  Man is responsible for redefining marriage long before now with divorce, adultery and polygamy.  Gay marriage is not the only attack on marriage, it's simply the latest way that broken man has seen fit to alter God's original design.  Bruce Jenner is not the Anti-Christ bent on redefining gender for all.  He is simply the latest prominent face of man’s brokenness apart from Jesus and a small part of satan's all out attack on gender as God established us male and female in Genesis.  Every foundational principle set forth in Genesis is under attack.  Satan is trying to change the future by destroying the very foundation of Christian faith as set forth by God at creation.  I walked away from homosexuality in 1998. It wasn't that long ago, but it was a simpler time. It was easier to share the testimony of leaving my gay life behind, without experiencing out and out hate from the gay community and Christians.  In 1998, Christians weren't as deceived as they are today regarding homosexuality.  What I find especially troubling is that the gay community thinks that with each legislative stroke of the pen they are winning victory after victory for equal rights.  I have to ask, is it really a victory if God and His word are steadily erased from our lives altogether? If you are here looking for hope that there is freedom from homosexuality, then you have come to the right place.  My story and others like it may not be welcome in the mainstream media, but God is still letting people hear our voices on blogs, websites and church stages who still preach and believe the word of God.  Homosexuality was never my identity.  My identity is in Jesus Christ.  The only thing that needs redefining are broken lives with self and not Jesus as the focus.

I am encouraged by recent events of young people realizing that a gay life is a life of deception and sin.  I recently had a conversation with a young gay man who says he is a Christian.  He says he defines his life like this.  He is gay until further notice.  If God wants to do something about his sexuality, then God will.   Gay until further notice is a statement of hope, because God is in the business of redeeming lives caught in the vortex of sin.  God is not willing that any man should perish.  I truly believe that God is ready and willing to redeem a gay identified generation from the clutches of sexual brokenness.

I love that we are a ministry that prays for the gay and ex-gay community.  I love that God leads men to question not redefine broken sexuality every day.   Thank you for praying with us as a ministry.  Thank you for caring for your gay children and loved ones enough not to leave them in the hands of the enemy, but to go to battle in prayer for their redemption and release.

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