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Pray So That All Would Know Jesus Christ

We all do it.  We make up our mind then build a case to support the decision we’ve already made.  New car smell is an aphrodisiac to a 20 something guy as fresh, baked cookies are to the 40 something guy.  After we get what we want, we realize the thrill of the chase rather than the actual thing was what excited us. Let’s look at Lust vs. Joy.  Joy is finding pleasure in things that God provides.  Joy waits and trusts for God’s provision.  Lust is the fast food, synthetic version of Joy.  Lust comes about when we attempt to recreate joy for ourselves.  “I want it right now.”  “I have to have it.”  “I’ll die of I don’t…”.  It’s the difference between waiting for sex after marriage or casual sex.  It’s the difference between letting God heal your wounds or self-medicating for immediate relief.

Lust was the order of the day for so long in my life.  I fell for satan’s traps, because they looked good and they were easier to achieve.  Salvation is a free gift, but maturity, breaking bad habits and living a Holy life all take time.  The cost is high.  The bible says that “bad company corrupts good character.”  When we do the right thing, it will cost us the friends and friends with benefits we hold close.  It will cost us emotionally and financially.  The bible says before we attempt anything, we should sit down and count the cost.  It also says we will be persecuted for pursuing a pure and holy life.  Jesus was.  God did not spare his only son.  He will not spare us.

I started reading Job two days ago.  There’s a case study in persecution.   Biblically, persecution is an integral part of the Christian walk.  Knowing this, I cringe when I hear hurting people ask questions like, “How could God let this happen?” or they make statements like “I know God doesn’t want me to suffer.”  These are feel good statements, not biblical truths.  Scripture says that God isn’t willing that any man should perish, that is why He sent His son Jesus.  God is not concerned with our happiness and comfort.  If He was, Jonah woulda got a Jetski, Lazarus wouldn’t have died and the woman caught in adultery woulda got an “Atta Girl” and not a “Sin no more”.  God’s express concerns are that we know His son and that we love others as we love ourselves.  Love is all encompassing concern for the well being of those we care about and those heading towards death.  Love is not a “Golden Ticket”, free for all, where we step aside and let sin run it’s course.

The events of the last couple of days are saddening, not surprising.  Exodus International closing it’s doors, the DOMA was defeated and California reinstating gay marriage.  God isn’t surprised, either.  If one of His main concerns is that we know Jesus, then everything else we put our hope in will be stripped away, as God leads us to Jesus.  People have been crying out for gay marriage, for years and now they have it.  I see it like every other thing we desperately pursue in life.  Fulfillment will come for a moment, but eventually people will still have a void in their hearts.  They will look for the next thing.  Eventually, all roads lead to Jesus Christ, whether we are dead or alive.  He is the only one that can quell the aching of our hearts.  The void is there to draw us into the presence of God, where true fulfillment lives.

It’s time to stop erecting borders and start building bridges.  And way past time to pray diligently, for individuals in your life who are gay or marrying their partners.  People who don’t encounter Jesus spend their lives searching for something to make them happy.  Let your prayers be lifted to heaven today for your friends and family who are gay.  Pray for God’s will in their lives, not their “straightness.”  All the other sinners in your life need prayer, too.  Hopefully there is another blog for them.  God is in the business of redemption.  Many of us have walked away from homosexuality.  We are not the stuff of legend.  The media circus does not speak for us when they say you can’t change your sexuality.  We cling to the hope of Jesus Christ for all men and women who want freedom from homosexuality.  We profess that Freedom, truly is possible.

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