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He Chose Me

           2:32 am- I can't sleep. I just wrote to my cousin in Oklahoma.  He is much younger than me.  We tried to connect once when I was home, but he is gay and I am ex gay and he tells me I treated him like a project in our short interaction.  I have since apologized, but we don't exchange Christmas cards yearly.  I felt like I was supposed to share my day with him.  It was a great day in ministry for me.  Skype guy in Alabama: Cry, Pray, Encourage.  Skype guy in Kazakhstan:Learn Russian, Pray, Encourage, Rebuke, Love on him.  Received a call from a girl I know about a guy friend who is gay and was severely beaten by his boyfriend in a drunken rage.  It was severe enough that the guy moved out, closed down his facebook and is searching for God, spirituality or answers now.  I received a call to pray about this guy.  We'll call him Drew.  She didn't call me praising God that maybe through this trauma Drew will turn straight.  She called me hoping that Drew will now turn to Jesus. She called me to pray. And pray I did.  While we do believe that there is freedom from homosexuality, our prayer and ministry focus isn't "Get 'em Straight!" It's "Get 'em Jesus!". My second call of the day was from a dad who needed some advice about how to handle his son's homosexuality, porn use and lies.  The dad had cooked up some pretty dire consequences for the boy if the bad decisions and behavior continue.  I talked him down off a ledge and simply encouraged him to love his son in the midst of a situation that the dad doesn't understand.  I encouraged him to take the extreme consequences off the table and instead put forgiveness back on it and a little tough love.  Whether the kid is gay or straight, porn is not appropriate for anyone at any age.  Also hanging out in certain places on the internet where sketchy adults can lurk, whether you are a straight young lady or a gay young man, is not a good idea.  At the end of the day, any child under 18 is entrusted to a parent by God.  Like it or not kids, the parents are responsible to God for how they instruct and guide you.  If you don't like it, McDonalds is hiring and there is a nice apartment for rent next to the liquor store and local hoochie house.  As an added bonus, I have another friend visiting from out of town, who I will be watching the sunset with in 3 hours 33 minutes.  Once we have witnessed this amazing view that only God could paint, then we will chatting about Jesus and exactly what a surrendered life looks like.  I met this kid years ago at an Exodus Conference. I was his small group leader.  He started off his introduction by telling me that he didn't like small groups too much.  He didn't plan on sharing or talking and that was that.  Well the Holy Spirit and I worked our magic and I have had the privilege of pouring into this young man's life for many years now.  Praise God!

           So that was my day.  Better than any dolphin foot push, killer whale waterwork or the applause of the most affirming crowd I have ever experienced.  I didn't make one red cent for my work today, but I feel like a millionaire, because God chose me to do this ministry.  He chose me to love on gay kids who want out of the gay life and gay kids who don't.  He chose me to love on gay couples who have been together 14 years and those who have separated, because they have heard the call of God on their lives.  He chose me to share the love of Jesus, where the name of Jesus can't yet be spoken.  This is the best life ever.  He chose me! 

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